Neptune is retrograde for one more month, which is why the reality feels particularly harsh

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To cite my lord and savior (Lizzo, clearly), “reality hurts.” However in case you really feel you’ve been enduring an extra-heavy dose of reality recently, be at liberty to side-eye Neptune for that. The planet guidelines over the delicate, intuitive Pisces and is related to the unconscious thoughts, non secular realm, desires, fantasies, and inspiration. That intel is particularly essential to notice proper now because the Neptune retrograde of 2019 has been in impact since June 21 and received’t go direct till November 27—practically one other month.

Earlier than you get tremendous nervous, know that retrogrades don’t essentially imply something unhealthy or menacing, regardless of the vitality that many affiliate with them. That stated, retrogrades do pump out totally different vitality waves, so this long-lead Neptune retrograde that’s been in transit because the early days of summer season might clarify shifted emotions you’ve been noticing, says astrologer Carolyne Faulkner, creator of Your Stars: An Empowering Information for 2020. “It’s neither good or unhealthy; it’s simply totally different and extra of a reflective than energetic vibe.” So, step one to understanding the Neptune retrograde and expertly weathering its altered vitality is to remain calm. It impacts us all in another way, relying on our natal charts, however usually, it “presses a pause button on actualizing big-picture desires in order that they are often fine-tuned and asks that we return to our genuine paths,” Faulkner says.

“[Neptune retrograde] presses a pause button on actualizing big-picture desires in order that they are often fine-tuned and asks that we return to our genuine paths.” —astrologer Carolyne Faulkner

Throughout the Neptune retrograde, you’re extra more likely to end up confronted with the realities of your desires and fantasies. And since all planetary retrogrades current a worthy time to be reflective, honor the truths offered to you and take time to be introspective.

The Neptune retrograde of 2019 is a good time to lean in to non secular practices as properly, Faulkner says. “It’s additionally good for creativity normally, however might not allow us to ‘make stuff occur’ till the concepts are really able to beginning.” The retrograde impacts us all, however she says these with robust Pisces and Virgo stamps of their chart—which means these with planets or homes dominated by Pisces or Virgo—will really feel it extra intensely.

“Neptune is a slow-moving planet; it takes 164 years to orbit the solar,” Faulkner provides. “It moved into its residence signal Pisces in 2012, which was the start of the large shift in consciousness.” Due to this, now’s the time to “get up to our interconnectedness and re-align with our true future and better consciousness.” So, problem your self to see the brilliant aspect of this retrograde for the remainder of the month, as a result of alternative for locating our authenticity and concepts that help it abounds.

Oh hey, in case you have been born throughout a Mercury retrograde, that’s might truly be a very good factor. And in case you’re questioning why astrology is Such A Factor proper now, our editors break it down right here. 

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